Feb 25: “It is an emotional roller coaster here.”

Yesterday was such a busy day. I came back to the Airbnb and planned on an hour rest . . . I slept in my clothes until 2 am.

It is an emotional roller coaster here. The refugees we are seeing are all from Africa. They are so grateful. They are treated terribly in every way. There were so many stories and wounds from tortures and ptsd from witnessing family members butchered. EVERYONE has major ptsd – difficulty sleeping due to mental stress combined with the cold wet physical conditions here. They sleep on wood pallets, inside sleeping bags, inside tiny tents. Some do not even have coats. Our team was shivering cold with all out high-tech winter weather clothing and some stand there in less than a sweatshirt . . .

People are sick and we do the best we can.

Our jungle medical camp is basic. We are working out of a 3 wall canopy and the back of the van in a muddy flat area above the camp. We take our time, listening to each person’s complaints and health problems. Listening, sympathizing, giving full attention. Big band-aids and meds to get them through infections and meds needed for chronic conditions for a while.

Wine and sleep to get the providers through . . .

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