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511, 2018

Nov 5: Feeling sad to leave and determined to return soon.

Monday - today as we turned onto the road to the camp there was a police check post. Then, as we entered the camp there was a heavy police presence. I found out later in the day that they were looking for refugees who were to be deported. When their asylum is denied many ( 50 % ) go into [...]

411, 2018

Nov 4: The work is hard, but difficult to leave

Sunday and back to work. This clinic is the only medical provider open on Sunday. There were many sick kids today. I worry because when the cold weather comes they are so vulnerable and the MSF vaccination campaign is still on hold. This little guy in the photo, 4 years old from Iraq, was smiling all the time. He had [...]

311, 2018

Nov 3: So many similarities . . .

Ahhh Saturday ~ our day off. We all met for a long leisurely breakfast at Melis, our favorite coffee juice bar. I have become addicted to fresh squeezed green apple juice. We went in different directions. Scott ran 7 miles. He is recovered and back to marathon training for the Athens Marathon he will run on November 11th. Leslie, Zoe, [...]

211, 2018

Nov 2: Humanity really cannot wait. We must ACT NOW!

Everyday is different and unpredictable at Moria. Today was wound day. There were many new wounds to treat along with the ones I follow up on daily or every few days. A fight the night before sent 4 men to the hospital, 3 with significant stab wounds that were stitched up at the hospital but needed attention today. There is [...]

111, 2018

Nov 1: The System is Broken

I went to a meeting with the NGOs providing healthcare in the camp. Medicine Sans Frontiers, International Refugee Committee, Rowing Together, Doc Mobile and Boat Refugee Foundations. All are frustrated by the broken system. The Greek Government Clinic is STILL closed and that is where we send referrals for X-rays, blood tests, and appointments for specialists (these are really [...]

3110, 2018

Oct 31: A Life Vest Not Fit To Save A Life

Last night a boat came across with 50 people and the above image is the life jacket worn by a child, crossing the Agean! We have been asking Omar for life jackets for our bracelet project that Nancy is working on - we were appalled when he delivered this to us.A rough day, many emergencies. 3 people sent out to [...]