803, 2019

Mar 8: One last post from Samos – and it is a sad one.

One last post from Samos - and it is a sad one. This morning I was meeting with Omar for an interview. He was just coming from the hospital. Last night a boat sank off shore and MANY refugees were in the water. Many are in bad shape, at the hospital suffering from hypothermia. Nine people drowned, probably more. [...]

703, 2019

Mar 7: Our last day here – What would you do if this were your town?

Our last jungle clinic. A chaotic and emotional day. A group of folks from Afghanistan came and we had a marginal translator. Our African group also came so we had a lot of people. Thankful for Georgia and Marcia coming up to help on their day off from the clinic. This camp has been difficult on many levels. There are [...]

603, 2019

Mar 6: Today was an easy day . . . tomorrow is our last.

Today was an easy day. Many of the refugees had to renew their cards. Our sweet nurse from Cameroon, Susie, suddenly got a call from the UN immigration office. We were on pins and needles until she returned and said she is being transferred to the mainland TOMORROW. Such short notice. She is excited and nervous. She will be going [...]

503, 2019

Mar 5: Refugees started drumming, then singing and there was an atmosphere of JOY. So great!

Today the sun was shining again. It makes such a difference. Mark did more ultrasounds in the tent and there were some with significant findings. They get referred to the clinic and hopefully will eventually get treatment. As I have said before, the system is so broken. But in defense of Greece, this small island with a population of [...]

403, 2019

Mar 4: Ask yourself, “What can I do?”

The jungle medical clinic ultrasound’s battery ran out today. We were able to do about 7. Today we saw a couple from Nepal who have been here for 8 months and are the only Nepalese in the camp. They speak very little English. She is pregnant. Ohhh, so isolated - along with the horrible conditions of this camp. We [...]