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Mission Statement:

To implement sustainable programs that improve access to traditional and allopathic medical care for the people of Zanskar.

  • Clinic Reception Area

The Zanskar Valley in India is one of the most remote inhabited regions of the world. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said ”this is the last remaining authentic Buddhist culture.” In this 12,000 foot high Himalayan Valley, surrounded by 24,000 foot glacial peaks, the people are isolated from the rest of the world each winter as the only road in and out is buried in snow and  temperatures drop to -40° F.  Every year, as the cold settles in, the healthcare needs become more critical.

Hands On Global is providing yearly medical camps based at the Sowa Rigpa Hospital in Padum. General medical screening and basic treatment, including a women health clinic, is provided by both allopathic and integrative medical professionals and support staff. The team works with local translators. Education of the local health care workers is a major focus of the camp in collaboration with traditional Amchis (indigenous healers). Satellite teams travel to remote village areas to see those unable to walk to the hospital. Each year we build on our camp as we identify the needs of the population.

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